Mimie’s Delect-A-Bowls

In 2019, Mimie’s was a small business serving African Fusion cuisine at markets, and supplying other local businesses with delicious baked goods. Mimie was ready to open her first restaurant and need a website.

This was my first experience working with a food client, and this turned out to be one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on to date. She needed a simple site with high-quality images, fresh copy, a menu re-design, and Google business listing for her new location.

The concept was such a pleasure to work on. I took two sunny Saturdays to shoot Mimie and her family in action at Soda City Market. Their food was amazingly photogenic, and lent itself perfectly to the colorful, fun ideas we discussed.

I chose colors from the food and past branding material to inform palettes for the new website and menu, using delightful peachy reds and tangy light greens as accents, while keeping it fresh with classic white backgrounds.

I used easily accessible tools to create the site and food menu so that updating both would be as painless as possible. Mimie’s also got a bank of photos to post on their social media, as well as to update the site.

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