Daily Design Project

May 24, 2020 – Present


Hungry Bunny

DAY #1: “Hungry Bunny Studio” Logo // I thought it would be fun to do a punchy, minimalist’s version of a bunny. This may become the logo I use for future test development projects. The bunny is hungry to get *ish* done // Song: CAN’T GET OVER YOU by Joji


DAY #4.1: “I Hate These Days” concert IG poster ver. 1 // Which band are you here for? // Song: THESE DAYS by Highly Suspect


Day #6 : “6×7, No Glyph Celestial Tour” Poster // Because 42 is the answer. The conceptual band 6×7 plays energetic futurepop and experimental EDM to the stars, which in 2053, has quite a vintage sound. // Song: LAST BLOOM by Floating Points


DAY #9: “Visionary Version” Remix Record Art // A fresh release of instrumentals and remixes is finally here! // Song: DEPTH OVER DISTANCE by Ben Howard



Moon Bridge

DAY #2: “Moon Bridge” Album Cover // The main concept was based on a dream I had the night before, where people gathered in boats on a calm bay to watch artists paint the full moon rising beneath an arched bridge. // Songs: HOURS by Tycho & GIRLFRIEND by Pheonix


DAY #4.2: “I Hate These Days” IG poster ver. 2 // Couldn’t decide which I liked better


DAY #7: “Marvin” // The chronically depressed, paranoid android we love just the way he is. (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) // Song: AVEC LE TEMPS by :Léo Ferré


DAY #10: “Signal” // I’ve been obsessed with these thin, concentric circles, but in a feeble attempt to create something new, stole a slice of the Visionary circle.



DAY #3: A Message from The COW // The Commission of Water kindly asks you to drink water, and apologizes for placing aesthetics over readability // Song: NO SHOW by Toro Y Moi (it was on at the time 🤷)


Day #5: “Discussions On Existentialism” // This one isn’t quite what I was going for, but I’m trying not to spend too much time on these daily concepts. 🤷. The idea was a postmodern academic’s take on brutalism as it manifests in the larger context of thought and society. // Song: BIG SCIENCE by Laurie Anderson


DAY #8: “Visionary” Record Cover // Visionary is the latest album release by the popular Icelandic group, (insert band name here). // Song: EVERGREEN by Ben Howard


DAY #11:

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