Art Bloom Masquerade

Above Photo Credit: Green Antler Photography

Art Bloom Masquerade is a creative summit highlighting local musicians, visual artists, and designers in the setting of a themed party.

A collaboration event between Darwin The Immortal and Pelliclaude, the Masquerade felt like a huge undertaking that proved itself worthy of the initial sentiment. Between organizing artists, producing media for dedicated social profiles, building/sourcing decorations, and dealing with a last minute venue change, we had our hands full.

In the months leading up to the first Masquerade, we secured 9 visual artists, did 5 photo shoots, booked 4 performances, and sourced additional set-up material not already on hand.

With the help of some very necessary friends, we set up sound equipment, decorations, displays, and an open bar, starting the day before the event.

I handled most of the promotional material, and did a series of Subject Posters for each of the involved parties to share, alongside three versions of the event poster and a promotional video.

Other promotion included Facebook ads, and a day spent handing out mini fliers in costume at Soda City Market. That Saturday was admittedly the most fun I’ve had promoting an event.

Above photo credit: Darwin The Immortal

Art Bloom’s site has 3 simple, informational pages pointing toward the performance schedule, featured artists, social media and ticket link.

Shots from Art Bloom 2019

Below Photo Credit: Green Antler Photography

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